Happy New Year and New Decade my lovelies!

Astrologically the energy of 2018 and 2019 was very much about unraveling, learning, healing and growth… a period of cocooning and preparation. We uncovered some hard truths, scratched at old wounds, broke down, stumbled… We also gathered new skills, up-levelled, rebuilt… It’s been a long time coming: for the world, for our tribes, for ourselves… We have reached the brink…and the time is NOW. It’s time to show up like we’ve never shown up before – authentically and passionately. There’s no more dress rehearsal. THIS IS IT!

For me that meant no more trying to juggle the film industry and Bespoke Body. It meant letting go of my career of the past 12 years. No more excuses. No more time to waste.

So here I am. Ready to “put myself out there.” Ready to fulfil my Dharma (purpose). Fully committed to serving you and ready to throw all my time and energy into all things health, fitness and wellbeing! YAY!

Many of you may be feeling the pressure of “New Year New Me” / New Year’s Resolutions / Diet diet diet / Train for the Olympics / Transform into a unicorn … I understand. I’ve been there. The New Year rolls around and you feel compelled to completely reinvent yourself in Extreme Makeover style. Please DON’T.

There’s nothing wrong with the current you. You are a magnificent divine creation. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve oneself (hello that’s my whole business!) but there’s a right and stupid (read unsustainable) way of going about it.

What NOT to do:

Buy diet pills or teas or anything marketed as a “miracle pill”. These are usually just laxatives or diuretics or amphetamines. Any results you see won’t be permanent and you also risk dehydration and putting excessive strain on your heart and other organs. Stupid.

Commit to an unrealistic exercise regime. You risk injury and overtraining which could result in adrenal fatigue. Again stupid.

Give up everything at once. Errrrr… unless you’ve run off to join a nunnery… probs not sustainable.

Starve. Ummmm… also not very sustainable and will probably lead to an equal and opposite reaction – i.e binge eating

Obsessively weigh, measure or photograph yourself. Progress takes time. Do this once a month.

Ok so now that we’ve got what NOT to do out of the way, what should you do?

What to DO:

Set realistic and measurable goals. These are called S.M.A.R.T goals which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Make a list of your goals and see how they can fit into each of these criteria.

Make small changes. This applies to both eating and exercise. If you’re used to eating sugar and dairy every day, can you cut your intake in half, or swap your dairy milk to a plant based milk, or only have refined sugar on the weekend. If you’re training 3 days a week, how about adding an extra day? Maybe aim for getting 10 000 steps in every day, or taking the stairs whenever possible. Small, consistent changes add up over time. If you’re already eating pretty well, could you maybe increase the variety of plant foods you’re eating, or how about adding an adaptogen or nootropic supplement to optimise your wellbeing? If you’re already fit, how about signing up for a race or trying a new fitness class? The possibilities  are endless.

Ask for help. Be accountable. Whether you announce your new wellness intentions on social media, find a fitness buddy or employ a health coach or personal trainer – having someone to encourage, educate and inspire you to stick to your goals is one of the most valuable tools for success.

SELF-CARE SELF-LOVE SELF-CARE – No matter what you’re doing, do it from a place of deep self-love. The intention and energy behind any action will determine the outcome. I know this from personal experience. When I’ve dieted and exercised from a place of self-loathing and punishment , even though I lost the weight, I was never happy and it was never sustainable. Listen to your body. Show it kindness and it will love you back. Treat yourself, take care. Self-care is not only about spa days and face-masks. Self-care can mean reading a book, doing a meditation, cooking yourself a nourishing meal or sleeping in.

Take your time. Wellness is a lifelong, constantly evolving journey. It’s not a sprint.

I hope you’ve taken something useful away from this post (or maybe you know someone who should read this!)

I wish you all the healthiest, happiest and most abundant year ever.

I can’t wait to help, inspire and be here for you.

Love and Blessings