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It’s been a long, long minute since I last did a blog post! Life has been a bit cray, cray! I write to you from Morocco, where I’ll be working for the next few months. Exciting and unexpected! The good news is that I am still very much available for virtual health coaching sessions, so don’t delay if you’d like to get started with working with me! The other good news is that I’m excited to show you how I stay healthy even while away from home and my creature comforts/routine – where there’s a will, there’s a way! Looking forward to sharing some of my Moroccan health gems with you…

So as usual, with these Be Inspired posts, I’ve trawled the internet for some interesting/inspiring reads so that you don’t have to! I also share some things that I’ve been loving lately… so let’s get started!

Robin Berzin, a functional medicine doctor, (who was also one of my lecturers at IIN) *** shares some simple tips on how to break your sugar habit in this article. As we all know by now, refined sugar wreaks havoc with our hormones, weight and skin. Bye-bye!

I’m often asked about the importance of buying organic produce. In my opinion pesticides, GMOs and crazy preservatives and additives are scary and I’d rather avoid them… That being said, a lot of people just can’t afford or even get access to organic food. In that case I say pay attention to the latest Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen list and try to limit consumption of conventional dirty dozen foods. You can find the latest list here. If you can’t buy/find organic, try to peel the fruit or veg and/or soak and wash the produce really well! There are loads of fruit and veg washes on the market, or you can even make your own, by adding some vinegar and bicarb to a sink of water and letting the produce soak for 20 minutes; then scrub and rinse well!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of cold water immersion and this came up as one of the hot tips from Dr Sanjay Gupta who traveled the world looking for the best longevity tips secrets!

I am currently reading this book, which is inspiring me A LOT!

And lastly, because I’m in Morocco… I thought I’d share this beautiful travel guide from WuHaus – looking forward to exploring this gorgeous land every chance I get! Have you been to Morocco? Any hot tips, hidden gems and health recommendations I should try out?

Well, that’s all for now folks! Hope to be able to post some more in depth articles soonest!

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*** If you’re interested in becoming a health coach or just exploring health and wellness for yourself, I highly recommend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Please use my referral link: https://geti.in/2IFUQHQ  and we’ll both be rewarded! 🙂 WIN WIN!