Hey babies! Hope you had a beautiful weekend. I am feeling happy and relaxed after my first two day weekend in a month!  (Still juggling being a #filmslave ya’ know!) When I do get time off, it’s often a struggle between wanting to work work work on Bespoke Body, have a life, exercise, meal prep, run errands and also to just switch off and relax. I think I managed to get the balance right this time, but I’m always a work in progress.

Anyhoo, it’s a new week and so I’m sharing some links to cool and inspiring things I’ve come across on the internet… Enjoy!

  • It’s still February and the “month of love” and I’m still highlighting the importance of self-love. We can’t give or receive love if our mind, body and spirit aren’t thriving. We also have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. Don’t know how to self-care yourself? This article on self-care is a simple and concise starting point.


  • Quality sleep is an essential wellness pillar. Not being able to sleep properly sucks. Huffpost shares what wellness experts do when sleep is elusive…


  • The Chinese New Year started on the 16th of February and this is the Year of the Dog. Read your Chinese animal horoscope here.


  • You know I’m all about dairy-free milks and love to make my own nut or coconut milks as often as possible, because the boxed kinds are full of weird preservatives and stabilizers Soaking and straining nuts and seeds can be quite a chore though… But don’t despair. Here’s an easy peasy hemp mylk recipe! I would only use 1-2 dates maximum though, otherwise it’s a sugar bomb!


  • How often are you judging yourself and others? I know I do it all the time. Want freedom from judgement?  Check out this interview on Marie Forleo’s blog with Gabirielle Bernstein on her new book Judgement Detox. Two powerhouse women!

That’s all for now. Hope you have an awesome Monday. I’m excited to start a new feature on Inspiring Women later in the week! Remember to check back and tell all your friends too 🙂