Hello lovelies! Hope you had a restorative weekend. As usual, I’m kick Monday off with some links to articles that I’ve found interesting over the past week… I hope that there are some useful nuggets of wisdom here for you too!

  • One of the most fundamental human needs is to feel connection. I found this article about the physical and psychological effects of loneliness really interesting. Loneliness really is the silent killer.



  • Want to live to see your 100th birthday? Here are 5 mental habits you need to adopt ASAP!


  • After I posted about my wellness journey and my history of disordered eating, I suddenly started being more aware of people on social media and blogs posting about their own stories. (Law of attraction!) One of my favourite Instagram influencers, Lee Tilghman, opened up about her binge eating history in this blog post. So moving.


  • And lastly… I cannot wait to be at Spirit Fest this coming weekend! Every kind of yoga, workshops, talks, delicious plant-based foods, conscious dancing and so much more. Last year’s Spirit Fest was a springboard to so much personal growth and transformation and I am really looking forward to many more deep experiences at this year’s festival! I will try to do a full post on the weekend when I’m back!

Wishing you all a beautiful, blissful, bountiful week!