Hello lovely readers! Hope that you are all well and happy. I’m trying to find my groove after a 3-day Vipassana meditation sit. It was short and sweet, but still managed to rattle the cages of my body and mind. I have a few weeks free from film work, so yesterday I sat down and set lots of goals for myself and for Bespoke Body. I find once I’ve actually written my goals, they become more concrete and tangible instead of a bunch of hopes and wishes in my head. Do you like to write down your goals? How do you stay accountable? Should I do a post dedicated to this topic?!

Anyhoo, I thought we could all do with a little mid-week inspiration (or distraction?!) , so I’ve trawled the internet to bring you a few quick reads that will hopefully educate or inspire you in some way!

As you should know by now, I’m very passionate about self-love and loving your body. You may think that you’re feeding and moving your body in a healthful way, but have you taken into account how you speak to your body (aloud or in your mind) ? Read this. 

It’s almost time for another Full Moon! Yay! I love harnessing the power of la luna. This month the Full Moon falls in the sign of Pisces. I always love to read up about what’s going on in the planets, especially every New and Full Moon. It can give one so much insight into everything that’s happening inside and around us. Whether you think it’s woo-woo or not, I hope you’ll check out this article on Elephant Journal about the upcoming Full Moon. Also, if you’re in the Cape Town area… I’ve been pondering starting a Full Moon Goddess Circle for a long time… would you be keen?!

Anyone else think that they have to constantly be working, working, doing, doing in order to be “productive”? I enjoyed this short clip by Marie Forleo about the importance of taking breaks to avoid burn-out and actuaaly INCREASE productivity! Working smarter, not harder! YES!

Self-care. Treat yo’ self. Everyone is always harping on about taking care of yourself. (Myself included! Hah!) How does one find the time? And what if face masks and yoga aren’t your vibe? Self-care looks different to everyone. Like everything in life, there’s no one size fits all approach.  I liked this read on the Huffington Post about creating a self-care routine that sticks.

And lastly… I’m always looking to natural remedies and harnessing the power of plants to enhance wellbeing; so I really loved reading about the many many benefits of rosemary. From aiding digestion, boosting memory, to even stimulating hair growth, rosemary is a potent natural remedy to keep in your kitchen and bathroom cabinet. MindBodyGreen breaks down all the benefits for you.

Well that’s all for now! Wishing you a wonderful wellness Wednesday! Stay healthy. Stay happy.

Lots of love