Every week I’ll be sharing some links to articles on the big wide web to inspire and educate you! Tools, tips and tricks for living your best life. Happy clicking ­čÖé

  1. What is your period trying to tell you? No, PMS is not a ‘normal’ or ┬ánecessary part of your cycle! I’m so bored of women feeling ashamed or disempowered because of their periods. Enough! Read this article on Goop.
  2. Wondering what’s in the stars for you? Astrostyle is my absolute favourite astrology site by twin sister astrologers, Ophira and Tali Edut. You can fill out a birth chart to get better insight into yourself, plus there are daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes that are so spot on and insightful!
  3. You know how I love to #mealprep ? You know how I’m obsessed with good skin? Well here’s an awesome Skin Health Meal Prep Guide from the gorgeous Vibrant & Pure.
  4. Seeing that it’s “the month of love”, let’s talk about sex baby! Or let’s just talk about yoni eggs┬áfor now. Haven’t heard of yoni eggs? WTF have you been?! I’ve owned a set of yoni eggs for about 2 years already, but to be honest I haven’t used them consistently. This article has inspired me to make a daily/weekly yoni egg ritual – the ultimate self-love ­čśë
  5. And lastly, to “get you in the mood” for Valentine’s Day – ┬ácheck out these delicious sounding aphrodisiac drinks from the gorgeous Wu Haus┬á. I’m defs going to whipping up a batch of those!