Oh hello there strangers! Hope you haven’t forgotten about me?!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I last posted on this blog. Time just ran away!

My silence hasn’t been completely unintentional though…

As many of you know, I still work in the costume department in the film industry and Bespoke Body is my side hustle (for now!) Film industry hours are cray. Like really cray-cray. Working on weekends is the norm. Waking up at 4am – normal. Coming home at 9pm or midnight or even later – normal. Answering phone calls and emails at all hours – normal.

When I started on this last film a few months ago, I had a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for Bespoke Body and a handful of clients on the go. I was in such a good place and didn’t want to lose momentum. I started to stress myself out about how I was going to manage all of these things while still performing in my very demanding film job… and besides juggling work and this side hustle, how was I going to fit my usual exercise, meditation, meal prep, social media, normal human socialising, studying and reading routine into this already cramped schedule?!

I’m so used to trying to do everything. I’m so used to setting insanely high standards for myself. (Anyone else relate?)

In the past I would have tried to do it all and I would have probably landed up at the end of the movie extremely run down and unable to get out of bed for days. (This has happened a lot before!)

This time around I just decided, “Fuck it! I can’t do and be everything to everyone all the time.”

So I stopped stressing about not writing any blog posts, or posting on Instagram, or developing new recipes, or sitting for a certain amount of time in meditation each day. I took all the pressure off myself and felt a huge weight lifting from my shoulders.

Yes it’s frustrating when you’re starting a new business and you want to keep the momentum going… but performing well in the job where my main source of income is coming from makes far more sense right now.

I’ve managed to keep my current clients going and give them the attention they deserve and most of the other exciting projects and ideas are still waiting patiently. A few things I have decided to put on ice until next year and that’s ok!

If things are meant to be they will be. You can’t force the timing of your life.

When I took the pressure off myself, it opened up the little free time that I had to be more present with my loved ones or whatever else I was doing. Instead of trying to do and be a million things, I was just learning to be in the moment and to do what felt right/good at the time instead of what I had diarised for that day.

I’m a planner. I love to make lists. It gives me great satisfaction to tick things off my lists and agenda. But you know what? Sometimes life doesn’t give a shit about your plans and to-do list! So it’s important to be able to let go… Let go and let flow…

These past few months I have learnt so much about just chilling the fuck out. Yes I still exercise, eat well and meditate, but I’m not obsessed about logging a certain amount of hours of any of these things or eating super clean all the time. My body and mind seem to have responded well to this relaxed version of me, so I’m going to try and maintain as much of this spirit for as long as possible.

Today is the second day of being able to refocus on Bespoke Body things: recipe testing, writing, seeing clients in person, etc and wow it feels amazing to be doing what I love!

Next weekend I have a 3 day Vipassana meditation course to attend and I’m very excited to see what this “sit” has in store for me!

Thanks for your patience during my absence and please be sure to check back here and on Insta for interesting reads, inspiration, recipes and more!

I value your feedback, so if there’s a certain topic that you’d like me to cover please let me know!

Yours in health and happiness!