R500 / single session

If you pay for first 3 months upfront:

R450 / session x 6 sessions = R2700 Save R300 over 6 sessions!

If you pay for 12 sessions upfront:

R400 / session = R4800 SAVE R1200!

Health food store tour / Pantry clean out / Cooking demo @ R300 p/hour
pro rata rate

(All prices are in South African Rands)


    Outdoor training or at Bespoke Body:

    Single session : R300 / hour

    5 session pack : R1300 ( 260 / session ) 1

    0 session pack : R2200 ( 220 / session )

    Home Visits:

    Atlantic Seaboard & City Bowl only

    Single session : R400 / hour

    5 session pack: R1750 ( 350 / session )

    10 session pack : R3000 ( 300 / session )

    Partner sessions:

    R400 / hour = R200 each

    Group sessions TBD

    (All prices are in South African Rands)

      I had known for a while that I needed to make a change regarding my health but delayed it because I was always too busy, the ugly B word! Wife, mother & film industry gave me a big enough excuse. After training solo for a while I realized I didn’t have the motivation I needed to stick to a schedule as well as completely losing track of a set exercise planned for that particular day.
      Before long and ever so naturally our training sessions progressed from just physical training to whole body and mind chats on balancing one’s life. All tailored to me.

      Training with Oona at Bespoke Body has given me a new & refreshed holistic view on all things body and mind. It allowed me to be more present in our intention for a session.

      Gizelle B



      Call Oona: 083 556 3630


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