All about lymph drainage

What is lymph and why would we want to drain it? I'll just give you guys a simple overview - if you want to dive deeper, there are many amazing videos on YouTube about the lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system is responsible for transporting and screening...

7 Tips for Better Sleep

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” used to be my motto, but these days I’m totally dead if I don’t sleep!

It used to be a badge of honour for people to announce how little sleep they were getting – like, “look how busy and productive I am and I only sleep for 4 hours a night.”  Ten years ago, I would either not think about how much sleep I was getting; or I’d be getting very poor quality sleep, or I’d be avoiding sleep all together! Anyone else gone straight from a party to work the next day? Oh, me neither…

Be Inspired! Volume 10

Hey hey hey! It's been a long, long minute since I last did a blog post! Life has been a bit cray, cray! I write to you from Morocco, where I'll be working for the next few months. Exciting and unexpected! The good news is that I am still very much available for...

Bespoke Body Turns One!

Happy birthday to Bespoke Body! I can't believe it has been a whole 365 days since I launched my baby out into the world. Wow what a year it has been... I was and still am juggling Bespoke Body with my full time job in the film industry... which is A LOT. There have...

Healing Shamanic Plant Medicine Journey

Hello lovelies! It's been a very long while. I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts, but if you'd like to stay tuned with all that's happening in my life and for daily nuggets of health wisdom, please be sure to follow along on my @bespokebody Instagram page which is...

Top 5 Foods For Glowing Skin

Hello lovelies! I hope this week is treating you well! I am about to go for a skin peel for the first time! Eeeek! I’ll report back once my skin has settled! I get asked a lot of questions about my skin. It didn’t always used to look this way… My skin used to constantly be broken out, dehydrated and dull. As with all things health related, I like to take an holistic approach to tackling a “problem”. I

Red Velvet Smoothie Recipe

Hello loves! Hope this week is treating you well so far!

Another smoothie recipe?! Yup. Sorry not sorry! This one was too good not to share! Who loves cake? Me! Who loves smoothies? Also me! Well here’s a healthy smoothie that tastes like red velvet cake. Yay. Winning!  

Be Inspired! Volume 9

Hello lovelies! Hope life is treating you well. I have been enjoying being fully immersed in all things Bespoke Body for the last few weeks. Spring has definitely sprung in Cape Town and it has been a treat training some clients outside near the sea and  soaking up some vitamin D! 

Why I Love Smoothies So Much & a Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe

Anyone who’s followed me for a little while will know that my love of smoothies runs DEEP! Gone are the days (well at least for me), where smoothies consisted of a ton of sugary fruit, yoghurt, cows milk and maybe some whey protein powder. Those kind of smoothies were  nutritionally imbalanced sugar bombs:

Bespoke Body Interview with Shine Media

Hello loves!This will be a quickieWant a little insight into the woman behind Bespoke Body (me!)? Then please trot on over to Shine Media to check out my interview! I really enjoyed answering #bizbabe Sam’s questions for her  blog. 

Be Inspired! Volume 8

Hello lovely readers! Hope that you are all well and happy. I’m trying to find my groove after a 3-day Vipassana meditation sit. It was short and sweet, but still managed to rattle the cages of my body and mind. I have a few weeks free from film work, so yesterday I sat down and set lots of goals for myself and for Bespoke Body.

Natural remedies to stop a sore throat fast!

You wake up and it feels like you swallowed a bunch of razor blades. Your throat is so sore and you know that if you don’t contain this infection immediately, you’ll be on a one way ticket to Sickville.
I don’t have time to get sick. Well no-one really does, although some people might look forward to a few days in bed away from work. If you’re like me though, and you’d rather be doing all the things, then read on!



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