Bespoke Body 7 Day Vibrant Cleanse Ebook


A delicious and nutritious plant based cleanse to get you glowing inside and out! Recipes, tips and insights from an internationally certified holistic health coach and personal trainer.

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I am so excited and proud to share my first ever ebook with you! This is the cleanse you’ve been waiting for. What’s inside the Vibrant Cleanse ebook? 37 colour pages of goodness to guide you through your Bespoke cleanse.  I worked long and hard on creating this 7 Day Vibrant Cleanse, which will leave you feeling all shiny and new – inside and out! Unlike other detoxes and diets, I promise there’s no starvation and no bland or boring food. I absolutely love all the delicious and nutritious recipes included in this cleanse – some of my own creations, as well as recipes from a few of my wellness idols! The ebook includes tips and insight into supporting your body through the cleanse, as well as some beautiful food photos to inspire your eyes and whet your appetite.

This cleanse has been test driven by me and many of my clients, family and friends with amazing feedback and results. It’s also very adaptable, so don’t fret if you can’t find an ingredient or don’t like one of the dishes. The cleanse is designed to be as easy and accessible as possible while maximising results.  I know this cleanse will have you glowing and feeling fabulous within a week. I hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to my amazing friend and designer, Sam Winberg of My Bliss Co, who turned my vision into this gorgeous ebook.


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